20181211034359 Date Time - Web Server
19691231170000 Date Time - Weather Observation Time
1544525039 seconds difference

Photo - Wednesday, August 8th, 2018 @ 17:52
Weather - Wednesday, December 31st, 1969 @ 16:00

The following data file is uploaded each minute. Not all data is used by each weather reporting service.
[0] date (always dd/mm/yy)
HTML[1] time(always hh:mm:ss)
PUBLIC[2] outside temperature
"-//W3C//DTD[3] relative humidity
HTML[4] dewpoint
4.0[5] wind speed (average)
Transitional//EN"> Parallels</td><td>[6] latest wind speed reading</td></tr> <tr><td>H-Sphere [7] wind bearing (degrees)
rel="icon"[8] current rain rate
href="default_html/favicon.ico"[9] rain today
type="image/ico"> [10] barometer
type="text/css"> body[11] wind direction
{[12] wind speed (beaufort)
height:[13] mph wind units
100%;[14] temperature units
background-color:[15] pressure units
#F9F8F8;[16] rain units
margin:[17] wind run (today)
0px;[18] pressure trend value
padding:0px;[19] monthly rainfall
font-family:[20] yearly rainfall
Tahoma,[21] yesterday's rainfall
Arial,[22] inside temperature
Helvetica,[23] inside humidity
sans-serif;[24] wind chill
font-size:[25] temperature trend value
11px;[26] today's high temp
font-weight:[27] time of today's high temp (hh:mm)
normal;[28] today's low temp
color:[29] time of today's low temp (hh:mm)
#000000;} a:link[30] today's high wind speed (average)
{[31] time of today's high wind speed (average) (hh:mm)
color:#00238a;text-decoration:[32] today's high wind gust
none;[33] time of today's high wind gust (hh:mm)
} a:visited[34] today's high pressure
{[35] time of today's high pressure (hh:mm)
color:#00238a;text-decoration:[36] today's low pressure
none;[37] time of today's low pressure (hh:mm)
} a:hover[38] Cumulus version
{[39] Cumulus build number
text-decoration:[40] 10-minute high gust
underline;[41] heat index
} a:active[42] humidex
{[43] UV Index
text-decoration:[44] Evapotranspiration today
underline;[45] Solar Radiation W/m2
} a#forgot[46] 10-minute average wind bearing (degrees)
{color:#444444;text-decoration:underline;} a#forgot:hover[47] rainfall last hour
{[48] current forecast number (see samplestrings.ini). Negative means 'exceptional'
text-decoration:underline;[49] Is daylight? 1 if currently within daylight hours, 0 if not
color:#0F0F0F;[50] Sensor contact lost (1 = yes) (Fine Offset only)
border-color:#666666;[51] wind direction (average)
} input#p,[52] Cloudbase
input#l[53] Cloudbase units